About the IDEA Lab

The ultimate goal of the IDEA Lab is a more modern and effective government.

Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius established the HHS IDEA Lab in 2013 to improve how the Department delivers on its mission. This effort was started as a response to input from the workforce and public to promote advances in organizational management centered around three core beliefs:

  • Every individual has the ability to improve the health and well-being of Americans;
  • People are more powerful when working together; and
  • There is a solution to every problem.

Government agencies may be prime examples of administrative structures that have calcified over time and become resistant to change. Yet, change is both necessary and imminent, as new technology, communication methods, and generational interest conflict with current ”tiered” organizational structures and government agencies learn how to manage the “flattened” organizational models that are succeeding elsewhere.

The IDEA Lab exists as the bridge between the old world and a vision of a new, networked world, where value is found in an individual’s talents, as opposed to their position in a hierarchical structure.

We have a dual approach to changing the way government works by engaging HHS leadership at the highest levels to support the testing of new ideas and are equipping HHS employees who have an idea and want to test it with new business practices, mentoring and innovation programs.

Specifically we are cultivating innovation in government and solving complex problems by:

  • Investing in internal entrepreneurship;
  • Bringing outside talent into government; and
  • Tackling cross-Departmental issues of strategic importance.

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Meet the Team

Read Holman, Program Manager

Read Holman, Program Manager

Read Holman is a Program Manager in the HHS IDEA Lab and Senior Advisor on Internal Entrepreneurship to the Chief Technology Officer. His focus is…

Mark Naggar, Project Manager

Mark Naggar, Project Manager

Mark is a Project Manager for the HHS Buyers Club in the HHS IDEA Lab. Prior to joining the IDEA Lab Mark spent more than four…

Julie Herron, Project Manager

Julie Herron, Project Manager

Julie is a Project Manager with the HHS IDEA Lab, and she is responsible for overseeing the acquisition of cloud services for IDEA Lab program…