The HHS Health Game Jam 2014: Sept 26-28 in ATL

A Game Jam is a gathering of gaming enthusiasts and developers for the purpose of designing and building games within a compressed time frame. Bring game enthusiasts and developers in the same space, ask them to design and build something that addresses a specific problem, and then tell them they only have 48 hours… It’s amazing what can happen!

The Health Game Jam 2014 is occurring September 26–28 in Atlanta, Georgia. This event is possible because of partnerships between:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Southern Polytechnic State University
  • The Games for Health Project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • The Georgia Game Developers Association
  • The HHS IDEA Lab

The focus of the HHS Health Game Jam 2014 is the creation of games that address health priorities championed by HHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The theme for this year’s game jam is “Games for Health”, and while participants can develop health-themed games on traditional console/desktop, participants are encouraged to think outside the box with exergaming, mobile/special games, and games that utilize geolocation data to create innovative experiences. Worldwide experts on health topics from HHS, the CDC, and the National Institutes for Health (NIH) will be available during the Jam to advise and inspire teams.

Interested in attending?

Registration is required to participate in the jam, and there are a limited number of spaces for participants. Games will be judged under multiple categories and a top tier set of groups will be selected to continue to develop (beyond the jam weekend) to work towards a portion of $20,000 in development funding.

Check out this post by the Southern Polytechnic State University for more on the Health Game Jam 2014 and for information on how to register for the event. There’s a good chance this will be the largest game jam held in the United States ever. EVER. So register early!

How we’re involved.

The HHS IDEA Lab supports Departmental intrapreneurship through the investment in HHS staff with ideas for modernizing the way HHS works. The idea for a Health Game Jam was originally put forth last year by Dan Baden and his team from CDC. Their idea for a Health Game Jam was accepted into the IDEA Lab’s internal incubator, HHS Ignite. Following the successes of that event last year, Dan received additional funding and leadership support – both from the HHS Ventures Program and the CDC Directors Office – to grow the event for this next iteration.

With new additions to the team coming from the NIH and the Health Resource Services Administration (HRSA), this year looks to be bigger and better than the last. We’re excited for Dan and his team!

Steven Randazzo
Steven is the HHS IDEA Lab's Communications Director, responsible for communicating the exciting and awesome activities of the organization. Steven has been with the Lab for two years, and has been in federal government for four years.