Cultivating innovation for a more modern and effective government.

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Health Resources and Services Administration

Transforming the organ transplant system

Administration for Children and Families

Making data more useful for States

SAMHSA & Office of Women's Health

Collaborating for user-centered design

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About the Lab

The HHS IDEA Lab is working to cultivate innovation to create a more modern and effective government. The foundational effort of the HHS IDEA Lab is to overcome barriers to communication and collaboration between organizational siloes and practices that prevent people from working together. The approach the IDEA Lab takes is based on four tenents:

  • Innovation is a direct result of the freedom to experiment;
  • Design is critical to effectively communicate ideas;
  • Entrepreneurship allows us to take advantage of underutilzed talent; and
  • Action, above all else, is encouraged.

We have a dual approach to changing the way government works by engaging HHS leadership at the highest levels to support the adoption of testing of new ideas and are equipping HHS employees who have an idea and what test it with new business practices, mentoring and innovation programs. Learn more about the HHS IDEA Lab on the About page.

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Here at the IDEA Lab, we seek to cultivate a more modern and effective government. One of the ways we do this is by recruiting talent from outside of government to…

10 Nov

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The HHS IDEA Lab is committed to helping HHS employees test and measure new ideas and solutions to identified problems.