Innovation is a direct result of the freedom to experiment. Design is critical to effectively communicat ideas. Entrepreneurship allows us to take advantage of underutilized talent. Action, above all else, is encouraged.

The HHS IDEA Lab equips and empowers HHS employees and members of the public who have an idea and want to act.

The people The projects

The foundational effort of the IDEA Lab is to disrupt the barriers between organizational siloes and practices that prevent people from working together.

We do this by equipping HHS Employees and members of the public with new methodologies, aircover and pathways for innovation.

We believe that people taking action on an idea is essential to the modernization of government.

The IDEA Lab has engaged hundreds of people by helping them act, formulate a project and produce results.

The IDEA Lab has six pathways for bringing people together based on their ideas, skills, and interests.

HHS Innovates: Celebrating HHS trailblazers
HHS Entrepreneurs: Pairing internal ideas with expertise
HHS Innovator-In-Residence: Solving shared problems through partnerships
HHS Ignite: Incubating new ideas
HHS Ventures: Accelerating Proven Concepts
HHS Competes: New approaches to problem solving

The IDEA Lab not only helps people act on their ideas, but takes action on it's own. These are projects that are identified and sponsored by the IDEA Lab.

HHS Buyers Club: Changing the way government procuresHHS Connects: Working towards the frictionless exchange of ideasHHS Health Data Initiative: Liberating data for health care transformation

The IDEA Lab is itself an ever-evolving experiment. Stay up-to-date on the IDEA Lab's activities and learn about all the innovation activities at HHS with the IDEA Lab blog.

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