General Administration Manual (GAM)

Part 9 – Committee Management (PDF) [9.46Mb]
All chapters have been superseded except 9-00.

Please note: In addition to information provided below, we invite you to review the Federal Advisory Committee Management Handbook (DOC) (355KB).

  • General Principles of Committee Management, 9-00 (Please note: In 1998, Chapter 9-00 superseded all other chapters in this part. HHS Exhibit 9-00-8, Ethic Rules for Advisory Committee Members Appointed as Special Government Employees (SGEs), dated 9/30/98, has been superseded by SGE.pdf (678 KB), dated 2004. )
  • Records and Reports on Committees, 9-10
  • Public Advisory Committees, 9-20
  • Selection of Members for Public Advisory Committees, 9-25
  • Interdepartmental Committees, 9-30
  • Departmental Committees, 9-40

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Last Revised: November 15, 2006