Strengthening Medicare

Medicare is stronger today because of the Affordable Care Act.  The Medicare Trustees projected that the Medicare Trust fund that finances Medicare’s hospital insurance coverage will remain solvent until 2030, four years beyond what was projected in the 2013 report.  Just a few years ago, the Medicare Trust fund was projected to run out of money by 2017.

Stop Medicare Fraud

The federal government is taking strong action to reduce payment errors, waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare. The health care law helps stop fraud with:

  • Tougher screening procedures
  • Stronger penalties
  • New technology

Over the last five years, the administration’s fraud enforcement efforts have recovered $19.2 billion from fraudsters. For every dollar spent on health care-related fraud and abuse activities in the last three years the administration has returned $8.10. Visit to learn more.

Higher Quality Care

The coordination of care between doctors and the overall quality of care will improve so that you will be less likely to experience preventable and harmful re-admissions to the hospital for the same condition. Hospitals will have new, strong incentives to improve your quality of care.

With new initiatives to support care coordination, your doctor may get additional resources to make sure that your treatments are consistent.

Prescription Drug Savings

The Affordable Care Act is closing the gap in drug coverage known as the “donut hole.”  In 2014, people with Medicare in the “donut hole” received a 53 percent discount on covered brand name drugs and a 28 percent discount on generic drugs. And thanks to the health care law, coverage for both brand name and generic drugs will continue to increase over time until the coverage gap is closed.  Nationally, over 8.2 million people with Medicare have saved over $11.5 billion on prescription drugs since the law’s enactment, for an average savings of $1,407 per beneficiary.

Learn more about Medicare drug discounts.

Medicare Advantage Plans

The health care law offers additional protections for Medicare Advantage plan members by taking strong steps that limit the amount these plans spend on administrative costs, insurance company profits, and things other than health care.

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Content last reviewed on October 7, 2014