Marketplace Momentum Gathering Across the Country

Posted March 18, 2014
By Julie Bataille, Director of Communications, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

As this historic open enrollment period for the Health Insurance Marketplace enters its final days, we’ve seen the momentum gathering across the country.  Yesterday, the California Marketplace, Covered California, surged past a major milestone:  one million enrollments—well ahead of its March 31st goal.  And in New York, over 660,000 have already enrolled in private plans or been determined eligible for Medicaid or Child Health Plus at the State’s Marketplace, NY State of Health.  Thousands of New Yorkers continue to enroll each day in the Marketplace.

Nationwide, the incredible weekend wave of consumers signing up for new coverage has brought enrollment to more than 5 million through the Federal and State-based Marketplaces since October 1st

And in every state, people like Omar Chavez are finding quality, affordable coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Omar, a 32 year old videographer from Del Rio, Texas, couldn’t afford health insurance before the Affordable Care Act because of a pre-existing condition—he had been hit by a car that shattered his leg.  He just avoided doctors.  One day, his heart rate suddenly shot up; he started sweating, and everything began to spin.  A friend took him to the emergency room, but Omar refused to go in—afraid of the medical bill, and just waited for the symptoms to go away.  He now has a Marketplace plan—and the security that comes with quality insurance—with a premium of just $65 per month.  Find out more about Omar’s story at:

Millions of Americans are visiting every day to check out their options for affordable health care, or are seeking help from trained representatives in person, or via the 24/7 call center.  Yesterday, we had 197,000 calls to the Call Center—the fourth highest call volume to date, and we had 745,000 visits to—up 60 percent from Sunday.

With only 13 days to go before the March 31 end to open enrollment, don’t delay; tell your friends and family to sign up today.