7 Reactions to Getting Covered

Posted March 24, 2014
By Nicholas Garlow, Public Affairs, Department of Health and Human Services

Since October 1, more than 5 million people have signed up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. People from all across the country have been telling us their #GetCovered stories and what it means to them. Here’s how they describe what coverage means to them.

Remember, there are only 7 days left until the end of the March 31st deadline to sign up for coverage. Don’t delay! Sign up at HealthCare.gov today!

1. Molly did some math and realized she was saving a ton of money:

“I’m paying $76 a month in 2014 for full health coverage and dental. For me, it came down to pure math.” –Molly, VA

2. Amy may have shed a few tears of joy

I’m pretty sure I cried. – Amy on finding out her premium would only be $26 a month. HealthCare.gov.

3. Korby put it eloquently: “boom”

“I don’t make a lot of money. And so I’m really surprised and grateful: my insurance has a $500 deductible. I pay $17.34 a month. Boom.” –Korby, TN


4. James felt a lot of relief

It was one of the most relieving things ever. The Affordable Care Act is allowing me to pursue my dreams. –James, a 29 year-old Floridian no getting covered.  

5. Stefania has a new found peace of mind

I wanted peace of mind. – Stefania, 25, Sarasota, FL on why she decided to #GetCovered.

6. Albert said it was simply the right thing to do

On enrolling in $23/month coverage through HealthCare.gov: It’s the right thing to do. You never know what could happen to you. Albert Davis, Houston, Texas. #GetCovered. HealthCare.gov.

7. Misty feels a bit more free

For Misty, affordable health coverage is giving her the freedom to follow her dreams.