You’re Not Invincible: 6 Reasons You Should #GetCovered

Posted February 21, 2014
By Nicholas Garlow, Public Affairs, Department of Health and Human Services

I’m young. I’m healthy. But, I’m not invincible. And neither are you. Accidents can happen to all of us. When they do, health insurance has you covered. Here are six reasons why you should get covered.

1. Risky Business

Even Olympians fall. #GetCovered, so that when you fall, you don’t have to worry about anything but getting back up.

Man falls off his bike. Stuff Happens. Everyone needs health insurance.


















2. Everyone's Doing it

3.3 million Americans have already enrolled in a private health insurance plan through the Marketplace, and many more sign up every day.

In January, enrollment among young adults grew by 65%. That's more than all other age groups combined.


















3. You've Got Options

Who doesn’t like choices? Just like facial hair, you’ve got options when it comes to how to you #GetCovered.

You've Got Options. Learn more at















4. Do It For Mom

Mom tattoos are sweet, but she would probably like it more if you got covered. The Health Insurance Marketplace makes it easy for you to find affordable health insurance coverage, and helps mom worry a little less.

Mom Tattoo. Mom would be happier if you got Health Insurance. You have until March 31st to enroll in coverage.


















5. You Won't Be Denied

In the past, you could be denied coverage because a pre-existing condition. Not anymore.

Has a pre-existing condition. Still covered.


















6. It’s Cheaper Than You Think

Just ask these people. Affordable health coverage is just a click away.

Visit today and explore your options.