Noelle’s Story: How Helps Her Pursue Her Soccer Passion

Posted January 6, 2014
by Salim Zymet, Digital Advisor, Department of Health and Human Services

When soccer is your passion, not being able to hold down food because of an esophagus condition called Esophagitis is a roadblock.

“I struggled a lot with the condition these last 5 years, living without health insurance. Solids and liquids don’t go down easily, and throwing up a lot makes it very hard to get the nutrition I need as an athlete.

My employer doesn’t offer health insurance, and I’ve tried to get coverage through the individual market and couldn’t because I was either denied coverage or would have to pay 4 or $500 a month, way out of my price range.”

For Noelle, a 23 year old working at an Indoor Soccer Complex in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, enrolling through and getting covered means that she can get the medical attention her condition requires.

For Noelle, affordable coverage means she can keep playing soccer worry-free. #GetCovered HealthCare.govIt also means she can focus on her soccer career - while she plays 3 times a week, Noelle is most interested in the business and coaching side of soccer.

“Now I know I’m going to get the health care that I need. I got the bill a couple weeks ago, and I’ve paid! I feel at ease and relaxed, knowing I can finally eat and drink some food.”

Noelle plans to take advantage of her new coverage right away—by visiting a doctor in early January and getting the procedure that will alleviate the symptoms of her condition.

Follow Noelle’s lead—visit today.

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