“I don’t have to worry:” Nick’s #GetCovered Story

Posted December 12, 2013

As a 29 year-old social media consultant in Miami, Florida, Nick purchases insurance on the individual market. In the past, insurance companies have denied him coverage because of a pre-existing condition and his medical history.

With no other option, Nick was forced to enroll in a short term catastrophic plan that had an end date, and was paying $280 a month for it. At one point, he even considered switching jobs to find one that provided health insurance.

From an expensive catastrophic plan to comprehensive and affordable coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Nick has a lot less to worry about. Read and share Nick's story. HealthCare.gov.Thanks to HealthCare.Gov, Nick is now enrolled in a silver plan that has no end date, better coverage and less out of pocket costs.

“It’s stressful when you know you’re going to be knocked off your coverage. I always used to think ‘If something happens to me, how will I get coverage? What would happen if I got diagnosed with a terminal illness or got an accident?’”

Since Nick works in the technology sector, he expected the initial hiccups he experienced on the web site.

“I know when you launch a new website, you try to handle as much traffic as possible, but I didn’t expect to get through on the first few days because I knew there would be a lot of demand placed on the site.”

Still, 4 days after October 1st, Nick was able to apply, and a few days ago, he received a confirmation letter from his new insurer.

With coverage beginning January 1st, Nick says he will never have to worry about his pre-existing condition, lifetime caps on coverage, or getting kicked off his plan.

Join millions of Americans like Nick by visiting HealthCare.gov to explore your coverage options.