Molly P’s Enrollment Story

Posted December 4, 2013

When she went to college Molly P. from Virginia didn’t worry about finding access to affordable health insurance. Like many students, Molly was covered by her parent’s plan and assumed she would continue to be until she was 26 under the new rules of the Affordable Care Act.

Though her intention was always to attend law school after graduation, as with many young people, by the time she graduated, Molly had her eyes set on a new career path: following her heart in pursuit of a writing career.  Writing isn’t an easy field to break into. Young writers often balance their writing with freelance and part-time work that helps them earn just enough income to get by. Many of these part-time opportunities come without options for affordable health insurance and some simply forgo getting covered because of the prohibitive cost.

Molly has always felt strongly about the importance of health coverage to her long-term physical and financial health. That’s why, when Molly’s dad lost his job and the insurance plan that was supporting his family, not getting coverage simply wasn’t option. After checking out her options on, Molly ultimately found a quality plan that she could afford, paying $76 dollars a month in 2014 for full health coverage and dental.

To Molly, the Affordable Care Act will always mean freedom. Freedom to be young. Freedom to try new things and follow her dreams. Mostly importantly, it means freedom from the fear of “what if?” that many without access to affordable care experience every day.

After watching Molly’s story above, visit to explore your coverage options and enroll in a health insurance plan.