Jacob's Story: Cheaper Coverage for the Whole Family

By Salim Zymet, Digital Advisor, Department of Health and Human Services
Posted December 16, 2013

Image of Jacob, reads 'My family and I will be saving $120 a month with much better coverage, plus Dental!' Jacob S., Arkansas, on enrollingin the Health Insurance Marketplace. HealthCare.govBefore the passage of the Affordable Care Act Jacob, a father of three from Arkansas, was forced to shop around for a high-risk insurance plan.

Jacob’s pre-existing condition also forced his three children and wife to be on a separate health insurance. When the family included Jacob in his plan, they were denied coverage. That’s not all, says Jacob:

“Even with my wife and kids on a separate plan, one of my sons is charged extra because he had trouble gaining weight after he was born.”

Though he initially experienced issues with www.healthcare.gov, he recently signed his family up for a plan he’s more than happy with:

“My family and I will be saving about $120 a month with much better coverage, plus dental!"

To explore your options and see how much you might save thanks to the Affordable Care Act, visit www.Healthcare.Gov today.