On the Road in Ohio, Day 2: Columbus

By Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services
Posted October 17, 2013

This morning, after a great event in Cincinnati yesterday, I was honored to be joined by Mark Mayes and Gloria McCauley in Columbus, Ohio, who shared their personal stories with me at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, one of the nation’s historic and top-ranked libraries.

I am inspired by the stories they tell, and how the Affordable Care Act is impacting their lives.

Mark, a self-employed personal trainer pays $430 for insurance, but his rates will increase in January. He is fairly healthy, but his deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses are high: He takes shots costing $1,000 a month to treat a serious skin condition.

Gloria is the executive director of a group that works to eliminate violence against people based on sexual orientation or gender identification. She has catastrophic insurance, which costs her $400 a month, but that doesn’t cover preventive services, doctor visits or diagnostics. She was turned down by other plans because of pre-existing conditions: She is a cancer survivor and had several back surgeries years ago.

But now because of the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace, Mark, Gloria and millions of other Americans who buy insurance in the individual market or are uninsured  will have good options for health coverage that meet their needs and budget.

Like Mark and Gloria, millions of Americans will be able to have the peace of mind and financial security of improved health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.