HealthMap Vaccine Finder: Helping Adults Find the Vaccines They Need

By Dr. Howard K. Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health
Posted February 14, 2013

When we talk about vaccines, most people think of “flu” or “childhood immunizations.” But there are actually a number of vaccines available to protect adults from serious infectious diseases and their long-term consequences. Adult vaccines can prevent diseases such as shingles, pneumonia and whooping cough. The HPV vaccine can prevent cervical cancer. And the hepatitis B vaccine also prevents the liver cancer that can develop as a result of chronic hepatitis B infection.

In the past many Americans faced financial barriers to immunization, but thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans now have free access to the vaccines recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices without co-payments or other cost-sharing requirements when those services are delivered by an in-network provider.

Despite the numerous benefits of vaccination, too many adults are not getting the protection that they need.  So, starting this month, it will be even easier for adults to find where to get vaccinated. Now, you can just go online and enter an address or zip code and HealthMap Vaccine Finder will locate nearby immunization providers (including health clinics and pharmacies) that offer the vaccinations routinely recommended for adults. In addition to telling people where to get the flu vaccine, the HealthMap Vaccine Finder will now tell consumers where to find providers of 10 other vaccines, including:

The new HealthMap Vaccine Finder is an expansion of the Flu Vaccine Finder, and lists more than 50,000 providers across the country that offer flu vaccinations, searchable by vaccine delivery type (nasal spray, shot, etc.) and location. To find out where to get vaccinated in your area, go to!

Content last reviewed on February 14, 2013