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HHS Emergency Response in Haiti: Summary Report, Jan. 25

HHS response updates today include:

  • As part of its deployment process, HHS is rotating medical teams supporting efforts in Haiti, bringing in fresh teams and sending home the teams that have been providing care in Haiti. New teams from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Missouri, Ohio and Florida are expected to arrive this week.
  • HHS missions include primary care in and around the U.S. Embassy, hospital decompression and surgical augmentation, triage for patients awaiting transport to USNS Comfort, and technical assistance in public health.
    • A Disaster Medical Assistance Team and the International Medical Surgical Response Team are providing patient care using temporary medical stations set up in a soccer field near a GHESKIO clinic in Port-au-Prince.
    • Additional teams are using a mobile clinic at a Forward Operating Base in Petionville, providing medical screening for passengers at the airport, and providing triage for patients flown aboard USNS Comfort.
    • The teams have reported seeing more than 10,700 patients so far, including approximately 1,245 yesterday, Sunday, Jan. 24. They have performed 42 surgeries and delivered nine babies since they began providing care Jan. 17.
  • HHS public health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are providing technical assistance to the Haitian government to help determine public health needs of the impacted area and how to prevent food-borne and water-borne diseases as well as other diseases seen following disasters. The goal is to help alleviate and mitigate public health issues before they become medical issues. These personnel are working with the U.N. Health Cluster to help Haiti develop a long-term reconstruction plan to build a stronger public health system than that which existed before the earthquake. In addition, CDC personnel are collaborating with international partners and the Haitian government on communication messages for the Haitian people about safety and health.