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Part 314--Sealed Bidding

HHS Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR)

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Authority: 5 U.S.C. 301; 40 U.S.C. 121(c)(2).

Subpart 314.1--Use of Sealed Bidding

 314.103 Policy.

EIT products and services, including EIT deliverables such as electronic documents and reports, acquired using sealed-bid procedures shall comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Consistent with paragraph 4.3.1 of the HHS Section 508 policy – see Section 508 policy on HHS Office on Disability website, if products and services, including commercially available items, meet some but not all of the applicable Section 508 accessibility standards, and no commercially available products or services meet all of the applicable Section 508 accessibility standards, an OPDIV/STAFFDIV shall acquire the products and services that best meet the applicable Section 508 accessibility standards. Commercial nonavailability exception determinations for EIT products and services that do not meet some or all of the applicable Section 508 accessibility standards shall be processed in accordance with 339.203.

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Subpart 314.2--Solicitation of Bids

314.202 General rules for solicitation of bids.

314.202-7 Facsimile bids.

(c) If the HCA (non-delegable) determines that the contracting activity will allow use of facsimile bids and proposals, the HCA shall prescribe internal procedures, in accordance with the FAR 14.202-7, to ensure uniform processing and control.

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Subpart 314.4--Opening of Bids and Award of Contract

314.404 Rejection of bids.

314.404-1 Cancellation of invitations after opening.

(c) The HCA or CCO (non-delegable) shall make the agency head determinations specified in FAR 14.404-1.

314.407 Mistakes in bids.

314.407-3 Other mistakes disclosed before award.

(e) The CCO (non-delegable) has the authority to make determinations under paragraphs (a), (b), (c), and (d) of FAR 14.407-3.

(f) OGC-GLD shall concur in each proposed determination.

(i) The CCO shall submit directly to OGC-GLD cases in which the evidence is not clear and convincing or is otherwise doubtful.

314.407-4 Mistakes after award.

(c) The HCA or the CCO (non-delegable), in consultation with OGC-GLD, has the authority to make administrative determinations in connection with mistakes in bid alleged after award.

(d) OGC-GLD shall concur in each proposed determination.

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