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SORN 09-90-0023

System name: Departmental Parking Control Policy and Records Systems, HHS/OS/ASMB/OFE.

Security classification: None.

System location:  Director, Office of Facilities Engineering, Room 4700 North

Building, HHS/Office of the Secretary, 330 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20201. Offices of Manager for Parking Control at HHS facilities where parking is provided.

Categories of individuals covered by the system: All HHS employees as well as any carpool member utilizing HHS parking facilities.

Categories of records in the system:  This system includes the following information on all persons

applying for a parking permit: Name, office room number, office phone number, agency, home address, and automobile license number, and where applicable, physicians statement in support of handicapped parking assignments and query to supervisors in support of handicapped parking assignments.

Authority for maintenance of the system:  63 Stat. 377; 41 CFR 101-20.111.


To establish policy governing the acquisition and allocation of Federal parking facilities and the establishment and determination of charges to be paid for the use of such parking by Federal employees, contractor employees and other facility tenants.

Routine uses of records maintained in the system, including  categories of users and the purposes of such uses:

Disclosure may be made to a congressional office from the record of an individual in response to an inquiry from the congressional office made at the request of that individual. In the event of

litigation where the defendant is (a) the Department, any component of the Department, or any employee of the Department in his or her official capacity; (b) the United States where the Department determines that the claim, if successful, is likely to directly affect the operations of the Department or any of its components; or (c) any Department employee in his or her individual capacity where the Justice Department has agreed to represent such employee, the Department may disclose such records as it deems desirable or necessary to the Department of Justice to enable that Department to present an effective defense, provided such disclosure is compatible with the purpose for which the records were collected.

Records may be disclosed to student volunteers, individuals working under a personal services contract, and other individuals performing functions for the Department but technically not having the status of agency employees, if they need access to the records in order to perform their assigned agency functions.

Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, retaining, and disposing of records in the system:

Storage:  Records are stored in binders in file cabinets and/or magnetic tapes and disks as appropriate.

Retrievability:  Records maybe accessed by the various categories contained therein. The purpose of the Departmental Parking Policy is to provide standards for apportionment and assignment of parking spaces on Department-managed and Department-controlled property and on property

assigned to the Department by GSA or any other Agency and to allocate and check parking spaces assigned to government vehicles, visitors, handicapped personnel, key personnel, car-pools, and others.

Safeguards:  Access to and use of these records are limited to personnel whose official duties require such access. Security Safeguards meet the requirements of Part 6, ADP System Security, of HHS's ADP System Manual A mini computer is maintained in a secured area with access limited to authorized personnel. Tapes and disc's are stored in locked cabinets.

Retention and disposal:  Superseded policy materials are maintained by the Director, Office of Facilities Engineering for historical purposes; Records at other HHS locations are maintained until the Parking Control purpose has been met and the records are then destroyed.

System manager(s) and address:  Director, Office of Facilities Engineering, Room 4700 North

Building, HHS/Office of the Secretary, 330 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20201.

Notification procedure:  Access to these records may be obtained by request in writing to:

Office of Manager for Parking Control at HHS facility where the HHS parking is provided.

Record access procedures:  Same as notification procedures. Requesters should also reasonably specify the record contents being sought. (These access procedures are in accordance with Department Regulations (45 CFR 5b.5(a)(2)) Federal Register, October 8, 1975, page 47410.)

Contesting record procedures: Contact the official at the address specified under notification

procedures above, and reasonably identify the record and specify the information to be contested and corrective action sought with supporting justification (These procedures are in accordance with

Department Regulations (45 CFR 5b.7) Federal Register, October 8, 1975, page 47411.)

Record source categories:  Records are developed from information supplied by applicants and, for handicapped parking assignments, by physicians and supervisors.

Systems exempted from certain provisions of the act:  None.