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Sun-setting the HHS Center for New Media

Graphic showing the HHS Center for New Media’s content moving to HHS.gov/DigitalStrategy and HHS.gov/web.In the not-so-distant past, federal agencies looked out over the frontier of the social media landscape and wondered what the heck they were going to do. Some agencies watched cautiously as other agencies dipped their toes in the water, and as others jumped right in. HHS was the jump-right-in sort of agency with blogs, Facebook apps, and virtual worlds, and the HHS Center for New Media.

We established the HHS Center for New Media as a cross-departmental effort to promote the strategic use of new media and build a community of people across HHS working in this area. Now, over five years later, we have seen the evolution of social media as not just something we are exploring, but as something we have integrated into most of our communication activities. In fact, the blurring lines between Web, Social Media, Mobile, APIs, and Apps often make one an indistinguishable part of the other.

As a result, it has come time that we dissolve the HHS Center for New Media in its formal state and focus on continuing our efforts more holistically as we embrace this evolving world by going right to our foundation: Digital—the common thread that unites all of our efforts across platforms, tools, and technologies.

The resources developed by the Center will remain available, and we fully expect the community of people across HHS working in digital communications to continue to thrive in collaboration and shared experience. Going forward, the HHS Social Hub will feature the directory of official HHS accounts and we will post the excellence in digital communications formerly featured through the HHS New Media Blog on the DigiTalk blog.

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We look forward to what the next five years in emerging technologies, Inter-webs, and online communications will bring. What do you think will happen in the next five years?

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