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Serving People with Disabilities

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Build once, use many times: HHS is working together, sharing resources, and delivering better services at a lower cost. We are identifying common tools and best practices to manage our web-based outreach, address security challenges, and establish an effective Web governance structure.

HHS is deeply committed to making all of our information accessible to people with disabilities. In addition to being required by law (commonly referred to as Section 508), this is central to the HHS mission.

We use an enterprise-wide tool to crawl every page of every website at least once a month. This tool checks for barriers to access. We report our findings to content owners every month and they can drill down to individual webpages to learn where there are accessibility problems.

Screenshot of HHS Leaderboard Reports regarding Section 508

We have created training programs and guidance documents to help writers and developers create accessible content, websites, and applications. In the spirit of “build once, use many times,” we make these materials available on the Web so others in both government and the private sector can leverage our work.

Are you having trouble accessing an HHS website because you have a disability? Please send us the URL and explain the problem you are having.

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Submitted by allaman311@gmail.com on
I need to get to medicaid applicationn i need to apply for assistance..i have no one to help me an explainn i am very slow when it comes to this was in resource when i was in school due to this.
Submitted by Anonymous on
On the list of contacts for Section 508, it would be nice to have an email link under the contact name and/or a phone contact number. Thanks for your consideration of easy contact for our disabled population.
Submitted by Anonymous on
The chart is helpful, but please put in the name of the agency along side the acronym. Need to explain chart in more detail for a disabled person or provider of services to a person with disability.