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Glad You Asked-related Posts

Glad you Asked is a blog series from the Digital Communications Division in response to comments we receive on this site.

  • On several of our posts, we've asked you to tell us what other information you'd like to see optimized for mobile devices. PubMed is at the top of your list.

  • So we are liberating our data. So what? "Tell me why this is good," one person writes. "Tell me this is not bad," writes another.

  • Thanks to everyone who has commented and do keep your comments coming. We have received thoughtful, good ideas on what you want to see. Many encourage the use of mobile so that access is immediate when and where health information or services are needed. I want to answer some of the comments here and will continue do so from time to time.

  • Many of you have left questions and comments on this site asking how we're working to meet new expectations created by mobile devices, social media, and cloud computing. We'd like to answer a few of those questions here, now.

  • So we are making information more accessible on Smartphones and Social Media, how does this help me if I don't use those things? Several have asked us such questions.

  • Our commitment to consolidating Web content into topic-based websites has generated much interest. One commenter asks about alternate models.

  • Find out what interaction with the public means to us on the HHS.gov/DigitalStrategy website and Digitalk blog.