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Accessibility-related Posts

Web accessibility relates to the use of screen readers or other assistive technologies by persons with disabilities.

  • In 2008, HHS embarked on an ambitious 5-year mission to ensure that all Web sites and digital content across the Department would become accessible, compliant with Section 508, by May 31, 2013. No small challenge, what with over 2 million active web pages. But we did it.

  • Provide your feedback and help make Usability.gov the leading resource for user experience guidelines and best practices.

  • At HHS we have two usability labs equipped to make sure our websites give the public the best experience possible. But how do we test the user experience on mobile devices?

  • Usability testing equipment for mobile devices is improving. HHS conducted a study on two mobile user-testing tools and the results are in.

  • HHS is working together, sharing resources, and delivering better services at a lower cost. Find out how HHS is working better, including by how its streamlining how it monitors and reports on the accessibility of its websites.