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Public Focus-related Posts

Public focus means approaching digital communications with the user in mind.

  • How do you coordinate 18 Staff Divisions and 11 Operating Divisions employing hundreds of public affairs experts? The HHS Center for New Media is here to help.

  • A big part of “People First” is customer feedback. Maby of the HHS websites ask, “Was this page helpful?” and seek feedback on your user experience. We use that information to make our websites better. On Digital Strategy, we’re asking you for ideas, and we’re listening. That’s what “People First” is at its core.

  • Our commitment to consolidating Web content into topic-based websites has generated much interest. One commenter asks about alternate models.

  • HHS is leading the effort to build topic-based consumer websites that bring the best, most relevant content from across the federal government together in one place. Suggest the next topic website.