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Mobile Strategy-related Posts

Mobile strategy is an approach to developing digital material with applications, tablets and smartphones in mind.

  • When health care providers and organizations use laptops, tablets and smartphones during patient care health records are open to new risks. To address this issue HHS has launched a new initiative to protect health information records.

  • We are putting the principles of the digital government strategy into practice at HealthCare.gov by making consumer-friendly improvements to our email newsletter efforts.

  • On several of our posts, we've asked you to tell us what other information you'd like to see optimized for mobile devices. PubMed is at the top of your list.

  • The National Cancer Institute builds mobile site for patients and their caregivers to find easily understandable information about cancer diagnosis, treatment, and side effects.

  • Today we have to meet the public "anywhere, at anytime, using any device." The CDC is at the forefront of this effort with their "one web" strategy and Million Hearts<sup>TM</sup> website.

  • At HHS we have two usability labs equipped to make sure our websites give the public the best experience possible. But how do we test the user experience on mobile devices?

  • Usability testing equipment for mobile devices is improving. HHS conducted a study on two mobile user-testing tools and the results are in.

  • We’ve been building mobile-friendly versions of HHS websites since 2010. Below is a list of current sites that have been optimized for smartphones and tablets

  • So we are making information more accessible on Smartphones and Social Media, how does this help me if I don't use those things? Several have asked us such questions.

  • Find out what health information has gone mobile. Help prioritize this work by making suggestions for which information HHS should optimize for mobile use next.