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What ‘People First’ Means for You

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A big part of “People First” is customer feedback. Many of the HHS websites ask, “Was this page helpful?” and seek feedback on your user experience. We use that information to make our websites better. On Digital Strategy, we’re asking you for ideas, and we’re listening. That’s what “People First” is at its core.

In an article promoting the consolidation of consumer content into “Web Supermarkets,” where you get all the information you need in one stop, we asked you this…

What would you like to see in a Web supermarket? Tell us your experience and suggest a topic you would like consolidated on a single website.

The responses have been great! Many of you want websites on specific diseases and illnesses. You’ve also suggested we have consolidated information on child care, disaster preparedness, nutrition, and drug abuse assistance—the list goes on!

Here’s what happens next.

Continue to submit your ideas. Very soon, we’ll be asking you to vote on those ideas. The most popular will rise to the top and we’ll begin to take action. [And if you haven’t already—submit your idea.]

What would you like to see in a Web supermarket? Tell us your experience and suggest a topic you would like consolidated on a single website.

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Your Ideas

Submitted by Anonymous on
We would very much like to see the topic of HEP C on it's own website and another for HEP B. End the Silent Epidemic.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Do what the Great One suggested for success: Skate to where the puck is going (not where it is). The digital puck is headed to patient/consumer/citizen control- which is also where costs and responsibility are being shifted. ROBUST AUTHENTIC INTERACTIVE PERSONAL HEALTH RECORDS UNDER INDIVIDUAL CONTROL
Submitted by Anonymous on
HHS funds transportation, however there is no evidence of Medicaid Transportation on the website. I believe that the webiste should provide the department in each County that provides the srvice as well as a listing of any existing brokers. This will prove to be a cost effective idea in situations where County's have more the one broker and are not truly coordinating services
Submitted by Anonymous on
It would be great to have a virtual library with reference documents. 1) For public use: combine all reference materials related to subjects such as preparedness (combining documents from ASPR, CDC, etc.), diseases (combine documents from NIH, CDC, etc.). 2) For internal use it would be useful to have a database with documents such as SOPs, CONOPS, on-going projects, etc. This might help avoid duplicity, will promote collaborative efforts, help with standardization and ultimately will improve efficiency and effectiveness.