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@Sebelius: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Joins Twitter

With a simple tweet, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius quietly launched a Twitter account Site Exit disclaimer last March. Her first tweet, “Hello Twitterverse. I’m looking forward to reaching out to you and talking about the great work happening at @hhsgov Site Exit disclaimer," included a photo of her sitting at her computer.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius photographed at a computer launching her Twitter account.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
launching her Twitter account

Secretary Sebelius’ Twitter account allows her to engage directly with the public. Through Twitter, she can promote advancements in health and human services around the county to the American public. Since the launch of her account just over a month ago, she has racked up nearly 10,000 followers.

The Secretary’s move to Twitter highlights a maturing of the social network. Twitter now hosts all 100 US Senators Site Exit disclaimer and 90% Site Exit disclaimer (398) of all members of the House of Representatives.

For HHS, the Secretary’s account offers new opportunities to put social networking to use. One of the key principles of the Digital Government Strategy is making our work more customer-focused. By moving to a platform that more than 100 million Americans Site Exit disclaimer use, Secretary Sebelius can take her goals, priorities, and personality, directly to the American people. As the account grows, there will be more opportunities for the public to engage directly with Secretary Sebelius, ask questions, and connect with her more.

You can follow HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Twitter Site Exit disclaimer at @Sebelius. Connect with the Secretary and ask a question about her work at HHS.


How can HHS better engage the public using social media?

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Submitted by Jeri on
I am trying to find out what the rules are for people with a green card. There seems to be nothing on this site and nothing definitive on the Web.
Submitted by Margy Willis on
Great job today at House hearing!!! We are behind you 110%! Keep up the good work!
Submitted by Monica on
The software and hardware was not her hands on job. The problems should have been caught by the technical team who took the contract. I think she did an excellent job responding to blowhard Republicans that cannot seem to understand the answers to already posed questions. I have to wonder how many Republicans hold stock in current healthcare insurance providers. The reason people have been dumped is because healthcare is no longer profitable and never should have been. The only arrogance I saw was Republicans who asked questions they clearly were not interested in the answers to. As to Kathleen's commitment to the people, I think she did a stellar job with little time. Any new large program will have bugs that have to be worked out; it you doubt that just look at the smart phones and software problems that require patches. As to the original question asked: Use computer literate professionals and organizations that back the new healthcare exchange to reach populations that cannot read, afford cable television, and operate in survival mode. It is difficult to get the word out to those who have to work two and three jobs to put food on the table. Why not make a mandate that all healthcare organizations see their share of uninsured or under insured based on the percentage of insured population seen? This would spread out the risk pool.
Submitted by Peg on
If your employer provides your healthcare, that does not exceed 9% of your income, you are not eligible for federal exchanges. Isn't that the law? Kathleen should have firmly said I am not eligible.
Submitted by Peg on
Designer healthcare plans, that cover thyroid treatments, but not ear infections, or cover asthma, but not diabetes....is as stupid & unworkable, as men not wanting maternity care, or contraception on their plans.
Submitted by James on
Madam Secretary: You were beautiful today. Masterful. And relied only on the truth.
Submitted by Ben on
Why doesn't Kathleen quit using all this social media and get to work fixing her stupid healthcare website? Her arrogance only exceeds her incompetence by a factor of 10
Submitted by Robert on
As per your last news conference , We the people pay for you salary, Your need to resign your position,You are a public servant. Get a reality check
Submitted by Ann on
What nobody seems to be talking about with this Obamacare debacle is that many (l’ve heard hundreds of thousands of people) who had health insurance and were paying for it, are now losing it because it’s been cancelled due to the “Affordable Care Act.” To get re-insured they’re supposed to go on those non-working exchanges. If the tax penalties for not having insurance are delayed because the Obamacare website is not ready, that's one thing, but it only delays the tax penalty kick-in date. What about the people who had health insurance that has now been cancelled, the ones who believe in the wisdom of having health insurance in the first place, the ones who were paying for it all along. Even if the tax penalties are delayed these people will now be without health insurance as of January 1. What about these people? Here in Wisconsin my son was insured by HIRSP, a high-risk insurance plan, because he was rejected coverage by conventional health insurance due to a diagnosis of sleep apnea at a sleep clinic in Minneapolis while he was a student at the University of Minnesota. His HIRSP insurance has been cancelled due to Obamacare. What do you suggest he should he do now? Angry in Racine, Ann
Submitted by Cynthia Garcia on
Don't let them get you down Kathleen. You are doing a great job. They just want to throw the baby out with the bath water. It will work out. Hang in there and don't resign no matter what those critic say. Your fan in Kansas. Cynthia
Submitted by Ivan Largo on
Message sent to President Obama Sir: An easy solution to the Healthcare.gov access problem: 1. Establish Mondays as the day persons with last names beginning with the letters A B C or D can access the website. Then Tuesdays as the day for E F G H initial on last names and so on for Wed Th Fri. I talk from experience as a Data transmission tech. This way load on circuits, servers, applications, navigators etc. is reduced by a factor of 7 (1/7) 2.Begin a campaign or place message on the website saying "Monday is my day since I am ABC" or so. No need for recode of programs and wasting more money on hardware which will become warehouse material after most of the people have been able to sign up Regards, Ivan, [Email withhelf for privacy].