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Launch of New Website, National Conversation on Mental Health

HHS and the Department of Education recently launched a national dialogue on mental health. This is part of the President’s initiative to protect children and our communities by reducing gun violence. The dialogue aims to help young people who have experienced mental health problems, members of the faith community, foundations, and school and business leaders.

Mentalhealth.gov launched last week in support of the national dialogue on mental health. The website offers:

  • Information on signs of mental health problems
  • Resources for individuals looking for help
  • Tools to enable communities across the country to host local conversations on mental health

Several partners committed to increasing understanding and awareness of mental health by leading initiatives and activities. We will document those efforts, plus other online activities, on the website and the MentalHealth.gov Storify page. Site exit disclaimer

MentalHealth.gov features a collection of personal stories of mental health experiences. Through video, people share their own struggles with mental health problems or explain their experiences supporting family and friends who’ve recovered from mental health problems.

Celebrities—including Demi Lovato, Cher, John Saunders and Glenn Close—shared their own stories of hope and recovery.

ESPN sports journalist John Saunders on mental health

The website’s tagline, “Let’s Talk About It” underscores the main theme of the overall effort: to encourage people to communicate about mental health to help themselves and help others.

Fortunately, everyone can contribute to the effort by participating in a local event or taking part via social media. You can:

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