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Email Newsletters Putting People First

We are putting the principles of the digital government strategy into practice at HealthCare.gov. Earlier this year we released the HealthCare Finder API. We are now moving forward with consumer-friendly improvements to our email newsletter efforts.

In mid-November, HealthCare.gov made the following changes to our GovDelivery e-newsletter efforts:

  • Your Feedback: We added six new topics to our email updates list based on consumer feedback and frequently asked questions.
  • Plain Language: We followed plain language best practices to rewrite all 16 topic names and descriptions.
  • Mobile-Ready: Our subscribers now have the option to receive updates by text message on their mobile device.
  • Shared Services: We leveraged the GovDelivery Network to promote our best topics as featured content. During the sign-up process, users are prompted to subscribe to related topics from across HHS and the federal government.

The results since November 14th have been dramatic:

From October 14 to November 7: We received nearly 7,500 new subscriptions.

From November 14 to December 7: We received more than 40,000 new subscriptions.

That’s an increase of 440% from the previous reporting period.

And more changes are coming! We are kicking off a month-long testing effort to improve the content of our email newsletters. We hope to begin using better email templates that provide a great user experience on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Soon you may be able to sign up for updates by texting us.

What kind of digital communications would you like to see more of from HealthCare.gov? Email, blogs, social media, infographics, video or something else?

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