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Putting someone you know first – on Facebook

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The new HHS Facebook page exit disclaimer icon pulls content from across the entire department. Although this might not seem remarkable in 2013, our years of experience with many other pages prepared us to showcase digital strategy at its finest and truly put people first.

Screenshot of the new Departmental Facebook page, available at https://www.facebook.com/hhs

On the Department’s new Facebook page
you can find content from across HHS

We spent many years focusing on Facebook pages for our programs (Head Start, Stroke, etc.) and sub-agencies (for example, the CDC, FDA, etc.), because they are more recognizable than HHS, the parent department. We acknowledged that many of the people across the country benefitting from HHS programs may not even be familiar with HHS. However, social media is an opportunity to educate those people about HHS.

HHS touches the lives of nearly all Americans through its 300+ programs from health care to research, food safety, aging and much more. The idea is that everyone on Facebook is likely connected to someone who is affected in some way by one or more programs at HHS. Think about your family and friends – do you know someone who has diabetes or asthma, is a teacher, a parent, or an aspiring health care professional? How about someone who is interested in nutrition and fitness, science, technology, or medical history? If so, you know someone who might be interested in the sort of content shared through this new page.

Our strategy depends on people like you who are familiar with HHS to be our liaison to those people who don’t know about us. If important information is shared by someone people know and trust, such as a friend or family member, they are more likely to give the information some thought, learn a little about the program and maybe about HHS, and even consider sharing the post with others or liking the page for more information.

So, if you eat food, have a body, know people with children, experience thoughts and emotions, and care about the health and well being of your friends and family, this might be a worthwhile page for you to like and share. Sharing not only raises the visibility of our page and the work that we do, but also helps people find the information and services they need, and helps to truly put people first.

What kind of content would you like to see shared on our new Departmental Facebook page?

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Information about Fedstrive from Federal Occupational Health
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I would like to see content that promotes the value of the medical librarian in contributing to patient education and supporting evidence-based medicine for clinicians. Thanks for considering!