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Updates to Mobile App Information Management

Last week the Digital Strategy team launched a new feature making the management of our Mobile Apps information more efficient, dynamic and accessible to both users and devices.

Previously, the information lived as one long string of cumbersome text and images within the body of an article. The page was a very long list of data, with no way to sort or share the discrete pieces of information about each app.

To make the information more accessible and easier to manage, we created a new category in the site's content management system (CMS) specifically tailored to feature the information provided including the:

Screenshot of Application  entry on the page http://www.hhs.gov/digitalstrategy/mobile/mobile-apps.html with new fields user can track circled.

Now each of the pieces of
information we offer about a Mobile
Application can be reused elsewhere.

  • App title
  • Link to the app itself
  • Platform on which it runs
  • Signature icon.

By creating these individual fields to capture the information, we are now able to leverage the capabilities of the Drupal CMS to make this information available in an interactive format.

With this update, the listing of Mobile Apps is generated dynamically, and may be viewed:

  1. As a whole (  as it previously was)
  2. Filtered by platform by clicking on a link in the Platform field
  3. As an RSS feed, allowing others to pull in the information for a specific use.

While a fairly simple change under the hood, we are now able to do so much more with the information than before. This approach towards data management and towards making information available, searchable and accessible, is at the heart of the Digital Strategy initiative, and better serves our community of users.

We applied this new approach to improve data integration.  Soon all the apps we track will be displayed in the Department’s Social Hub.  There you’ll be able to see all the digital properties SAMSHA or the CDC offers, including mobile apps, social media accounts, blogs and email listserv.

Would you like to see this list of Mobile Apps turned into an API?

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I clicked on your RSS feed link but it failed on my iPad. Please fix.