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QuitPal: An Innovative App to Quit Smoking

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What if the tools to quit smoking were easier to find than cigarettes?

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of smartphones—more U.S. adults have them in their pockets than cigarettes—the National Cancer Institute (NCI) developed QuitPal, a mobile app to help people quit smoking.

Screenshot of NCI’s new app QuitPal on iPhone

NCI’s new app QuitPal

The free app provides tools to help those who want to be smoke-free with research-based strategies, including:

  • A calendar function to set quit dates, track financial goals, and schedule reminders
  • A log to track daily smoking habits
  • Graphic features showing money saved and packs of cigarettes not smoked
  • Health milestone alerts and craving tips to keep users motivated
  • Facebook and Twitter integration to update friends when goals are reached
  • Video diary features and the ability to receive personalized video messages from loved ones
  • Access to NCI’s Cancer Information Service by toll-free phone line or live Web chat

Because most mobile applications designed to help smokers quit are not based on research, they often lack the information needed to be successful. To address this gap, NCI conducted three rounds of research with smokers to guide the development of QuitPal.

To begin, NCI met with focus groups of current smartphone users to learn how participants select the health-related apps they use. Researchers also asked the participants why they use some apps and delete others.

In a second round of testing, NCI shared design mock-ups of the app with adult smokers with smartphones. Researchers gauged the participants’ reactions to the mock-ups and asked how important the participants felt current features were.

In the third and final round of testing, the app was field tested to confirm the stability of the code. During this time the app was beta-tested with adult smokers. User feedback was then incorporated before the public launch.

NCI’s research shows that behavior intervention reinforces positive health change and can help smokers quit. Based on this research, QuitPal offers specific information to keep smokers busy during cravings and tips to stay away from temptations.

Visit SmokeFree.gov to download the app or search “QuitPal” in the iTunes App Store. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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Submitted by Steve on
Might be a nice app if I could get it on my android phone
Submitted by Bryon on
Another good idea ruined by Apple's greed. Welcome to the United States of America, LLC.
Submitted by Shawna on
I was looking forward to downloading the app, but it's not available in Google Play
Submitted by dray on
cool info! more quiting apps are more valuable now, althought it is not the answer on addiction in cigarettes! mori info on this site <a href="http://www.healthline.com/health-slideshow/top-iphone-android-apps-quit-smoking" target="_blank">Apps</a> .
Submitted by jason on
I have a patent pending app similar to this but much much much more interactive and helpful. Im looking for a partner to help develop it and share profits. email hometechoffice@gmail.com
Submitted by Risa on
I totally agree with David below. I also have a Droid and find it very disappointing that this app is not available for droid phones.
Submitted by franklin on
I want to stop smoking
Submitted by Anonymous on
Android. Not just iPhone
Submitted by David on
I would like to see all your apps be cross platform. Android has a 51% market share of all mobile devices sold as of February 2013 and yet the majority of your apps are only available on Apple products. I came here to download the QuitPal app but am unable because I am on an Android. Speaking as a developer for a government agency, it is poor form to provide products that only work on a single platform. When creating apps for a large government entity that will be consumed by the general public, you should always make your product available on as many platforms as possible. This is akin to writing a website that only works in IE. Please, take the time to make your apps platform independent and then port them to the proper platform.
Submitted by you suck on
Thanks for develpoing an cross compatible APP for use with android as well.
Submitted by Maria on
I'd like to see QuitPal be made available for Android phones also seeing that they are also smart phones
Submitted by Anonymous on
combine the technology of cigarette smoke detectors (by Hoyles, etc) with the daily smoking habits tracker. develop a mobile cigarette smoke/flame detector (wrist or armband mounted perhaps)which will send a silent entry to the tracker on mobile phone, including time and date the smoke/flame device detected the evidence of smoking. include a feedback feature for the mobile phone which will send a text or voicemessage giving the count of cigarettes smoked thus far in the day (at intervals selected by the user) with a comparison to the previous day (or week, or month).
Submitted by Anonymous on
apps for android
Submitted by Anonymous on
Add cessation medication adherence module
Submitted by NCI on
Thank you for your interest in the NCI QuitPal app and suggestions to make it available for Android devices and in Spanish. We agree that making this resource available to a wider audience is important, and hope to be able to do so. We will be able to consider future enhancements to the app as additional resources become available. -- Office of Communications and Education, National Cancer Institute
Submitted by Anonymous on
Eventhough it is a great idea, I would like to see this application available in Spanish
Submitted by Anonymous on
When is the Android version coming?!
Submitted by Anonymous on
I'd like to see QuitPal for Android phones.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Weight loss
Submitted by Anonymous on
I'd love to see the QuitPal app on the Android platform. All of the smoking apps on Android are pretty terrible/useless.
Submitted by Anonymous on
great idea