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Nearly half of all Americans now own smartphones Exit Disclaimer. Over 20% own tablets. For a growing number of people, these mobile devices are their only means of accessing Web content.

Smartphone with m.cancer.gov openYou are scared. Your doctor has just told you that a small growth needs to be biopsied. You want information. And you want it now. You pull out your phone…

Two years ago, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) watched the number of visits and queries coming to www.cancer.gov from mobile devices double every six months. It was time to go mobile. The work was pioneering, but in February, m.cancer.gov went live. Information on every major cancer type was made available in a mobile format, and the site even allows direct phone or email contact with NCI’s cancer call center. Smartphone visitors can call or email NCI’s cancer call center directly from the site. Learn more at the mobilegovwiki.

Cancer.gov is one of 12 websites that HHS has already optimized for mobile use. We have also developed more than 20 mobile health applications. Going mobile is a critical concern for us. A comScore report Exit Disclaimer released in January shows 16.9 million mobile users in the U.S. accessed health information during the three-month average period ending November 2011, growing 125% from the previous year.

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Help us make our health information available anywhere, anytime, on any device. What information do you think is most needed via mobile devices?

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Submitted by Anonymous on
I hope you all are looking into responsive design. I think that investing tax payer money and effort into mobile sites and apps is a waste because technology is getting better everyday and soon those things, especially m sites, will be a thing of the past.
Submitted by Anonymous on
It would be great if you all could connect your let's move site with nike's jogging app or some other fitness promotion app. I think the more partnerships that government can make, as opposed to starting from scratch, the better. Harness an existing community.
Submitted by Anonymous on
I'd like almost like a health dictionary -- similar to a web md site. I can see a lot of people getting use from that on a desktop but especially on the go.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Health, food and product safety recalls, emergency information (natural or man-caused disasters), police information (FBI inro
Submitted by Anonymous on
I live on the Navajo Nation and would like to see this cover services offered on tribal lands so Native Americans can also utilize this much needed access to info.
Submitted by Anonymous on
Adding health-related travel alerts such as SARS outbreaks, Swine Flu, or other highly communicable illness/disease could save lives. I see this as an instant message forum versus something people would log into if they remembered. [name withheld for privacy] Portland, TN
Submitted by Anonymous on
Simplified Health and lifestyle coaching tools for such items as nutrition, diet, disease management, excersize. A tracking tool to monitor baby steps and progress, etc. Link to what is available in the community. [name withheld for privacy]
Submitted by Anonymous on
Signs, symptoms, best next steps, links to affordable care strategies, preventive care that's free, what type of specialist to see.
Submitted by Anonymous on
This is great! Thank you! 1) Most importantly, make sure there is a central HHS app cataloging these resources so people know what you're offering. I sort of like the idea of your "supermarkets" but seems a bit ironic that you talk about being able to have a one-stop shop, but then you have like 15 different "shops." 2) Building on the HRSA Find a Health Center site, an ap that shows all health-related sites - pharmacies, urgent care centers, etc. Also, zocdoc.com is awesome. You should link to that, and/or give them a grant or something. 3) Dieting information (calorie tracker, information/studies on different diets, links to resources, chat with a nutritionist, etc.)