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Create a Cancer Survivor Tool Challenge Winner

Last May we told you about the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology’s (ONC) Crowds Care for Cancer Challenge.  This competition builds on ONC’s efforts to provide tools and information to help patients and providers better manage care, this benefits both patients and their doctors alike.

The challenge asked app developers to create new tools to help survivors manage their cancer care post treatment. The winner of the app challenge is Together site exit disclaimer.

Together helps survivors coordinate cancer care

Screenshot of how the mobile application appears on an iPhone.  Screen shows the ‘care team chat’ feature of the app.

“Care Team Chat” offers patients a secure platform for collaborative cancer care.

Medable.com site exit disclaimer, the team behind the app, engaged cancer survivors to help co-design this fundamental feature of the tool. Based on their formative research with survivors, the Medable.com developers focused on improving communication between patients and their care team.

Together promises to be a tool that unites all members of a cancer survivor’s healthcare team as the survivor transitions between specialists and primary care providers. The new app:

  • Allows cancer care team ? providers to chat securely
  • Answers questions about?
  • Coordinates cancer care

A prominent feature of the app, “Care Team Chat” offers patients a secure platform for collaborative cancer care. Here, patients can invite multiple providers to chat about their care, get questions answered, and hopefully engage in a patient-centered dialogue.

Together, available in the iTunes store as of August, provides the ability to integrate commercial wearable sensor data  from home blood pressure monitors, for example,  or wearable devices like Fitbit  with relative data handling ease. Together is the first application to claim that it enables a patient to share commercial wearable sensor data directly with a healthcare provider.

What do you think about the CC4C13 Challenge winner?

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It's wonderful because it allows no one to be alone. Thanks for digitally reaching out for the good of mankind. Things will just get better.:-) Thanks Geeks of the world for helping us all enjoy life even more than before.