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Submitted by Ken on
First time trying to get information about individual coverage since the first day site was up and not really functioning. Today, I tried to get pricing and subsidy info. based on my state and income level, and from the Kaiser calculator, I could see that on an estimated income in 2014 of $11000, my health ins. premium would be well over $7000 for the cheapest silver plan, and well over $6000 for a bronse plan with no subsidy available to me as the calculator put me at 94% of poverty level. Well, how would a person of that income ever be able to afford health insurance at that price? It's insane, and I'd be forced to just pay the fine and hope that the law is overturned. I also, want to get pricing info. wtihout enrolling or signing up at this point. I can do that with getting an auto ins. quote, so why isn't the site set up to do that? Would make things much simpler and user friendly and help to allay people's frustration with the process and the site.
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