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Submitted by Luiz Januario on
Julie, That's a beautiful Statistics, but clearly your site has issues on the scalability. I did some troubleshooting while submitting my request (which is failing with error 500.300588), and after deploying Java application application for more than 15 year, I can tell you that your JBOSS Java Engine is not configured correctly to handle Load Balancing, failing to provide the web services /ee-rest/auth/FL/en_US/PlanCompare/confirmEnrollmentTransaction/171065059 The engine is responding with error HTTP 500, which is clearly on this case that your server is not being able to respond request due to a) excessive number of requests b) BAD configuration to handle Concurrent Users c) Bad configuration of Load Balancer with JBOSS Since to resolve a) you just need more servers, B) only need to read the documentation C) is the Only Alternative here.
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