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Submitted by robin on
It seems as though some people are still experiencing issues with the website. This site was created to help people are without healthcare. These people are trying to utilize the website to sign up for affordable healthcare. These people are doing their part. The website seems to be working better than it was before the re-launch. But how long will it take for it to work completely properly? We are have elected a president to help lead us and the statement he made about healthcare and working on making that better for us as citizens. But unfortunately the website we are trying to use to make the steps we need to make is not still working properly. So where will that leave families are going without the proper healthcare coverage? When will the site be fully functionally for people who really need to work properly? Most of the people who really will benefit by this website are under poverty levels. It most states the weather is brings a cold winter and with that comes mores sickness and possibly hospital stays. I recently have been to the hospital in the last month and my bill was 1600 just for the emergency room. I am one of few lucky citizens that I do work and I am benefiting from the company insurance that I pay for each pay check. But for a family or single parent that is not an affordable price. All I am saying is that just because a person will be going with “Obama care” they still will deserve to be treated like a first class citizen. This is the website created by our government and it just seems like it cannot be produce the outcome that was promised. Just for it to work.
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