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Submitted by Heiner Schwutke on
Unfortunately, after nearly 4 weeks after the promised date that everything should be working, I am unable to submit a new application after the previous one had to be removed per healthcare.gov advice because the system is not capable to process "old applications. Today I resubmitted only to learn that not all information was processed and the system requests to call in. No chat, no person on the phone available though. The whole system is a complete waste of time and waste of taxpayer's moneys. Unfortunately the power is with the government and we citizens are just the imbeciles that support with money, which is wasted. I do not see anybody with honor or telling the truth. So far only broken promises. We the people maybe do not deserve better because it was us who elected the incompetent experts and politicians. I see tax dollars wasted, not just a couple thousands, this is millions and no resolution in sight.
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