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Submitted by A C on
Great Improvements to the shopping experience! The questions are now on one page for an easier experience. Now take the experience two steps further with the following updates; 1. Add the subsidy calculator to the shopping update. Contact the code writers at www.healthsherpa.com or any of the state marketplaces that have this feature in place. 2. Once a subsidy is calculated, list the individual/family % of FPL on the left side of the final shopping screen along with the individual/family % of premium limit based upon their reported income via shopping. You are still listing the retail premium prices only in the shopping screens which is not helping buyers. The buyers want to get an estimate of their FINAL costs via shopping. That can only happen after factoring in an ESTIMATED subsidy with a note that a final subsidy calculation will occur after income verification, etc. Updating the site with the subsidy calculator should only take about 8-16 hours of programming/testing. Think about adding it in quickly.
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