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Submitted by Peggy A on
I am from Florida, where my Governor did not want to set up an exchange. I worked for a mortgage company (MIC) that received the record $7.5 MILLION FCC fine. So he shut down the company. My $230 Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (I had no claims while insured) would be $430 with COBRA. I went on the web site in late October. I could not get on the site, but the instant messaging redirected me to the hyperlink to print out an application. In two weeks, someone called me after I sent in the application. I gave them more info and they said they would call me in two weeks with my subsidy. Yesterday, I went on the site, after a 3 minute wait, which the screen said to wait, I got in. I verified personal info, so the site directed me to my saved application. Then asked me if the info was correct. I selected 5 health plans to review. The computer site placed them vertically for a side by side comparison. Then per health plan, I was able to click a hyperlink to the company's page. It gave me a breakdown of coverage and a list of doctors. The subsidy review is before you select a plan. It asked me if my income for last year would be roughly the same. My subsidy is over 75% I selected a new insurer because I did not like BCBS. The deductibles were better and they covered more than BCBS. I also selected a dental plan. And all this took less than 20 minutes. If you are idle on the selection process, the computer tells you to click OK that you have 30 more minutes. Oh, I forgot one more thing, the site GOES LIKE THE WIND!
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