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Submitted by Lisa on
Dec 3 site still isn't working for me. Still stuck where pdf file does not give amount of tax credit and only says I am eligible for market place shopping but site takes me to apply tax credit only there is no amount. I should qualify for a tax credit my family makes less than the $62,000 for two people. Still waiting for call from Advance Resource Center. Going to the new page that tells more details about the cost of a plan in my state with out applying tax credit only causes sticker shock. A married couple no children 60 and 62 years old making $62,000 a year will pay over $1,500 a month. That is $18,000 a year. Almost 30% of their salary. That isn't a very big salary in my state with rent starting on the low end of $1500 and if you own a house property tax at $10,000 many 60 year olds are still paying a mortgage at $1000 dollars a month. That is $22000 for a house with property tax. Add $18,000 for Obamacare that is $40,000 that doesn't leave much left for groceries, other insurances, utilities and taxes.. Add the $4000 deductible 30 % co pays 70% coverage it is down right scary to see the cost of health insurance. It certainly is more than the $900 a month we pay for our crappy insurance policy that has worked for many of us mostly because we haven't had any major illnesses. It is the reason why I think many are complaining that their $10000 policy is being cancelled. I thought the hardest part of signing up for Obamacare would be choosing a policy. The hardest part is just getting to where you can choose a policy. Right now I would take any policy just to know that I will have insurance come Jan1.
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