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Submitted by Rich on
EXCELLENT!! In particular I like the additional info offered top-level (where it’s "at a glance") enabling shoppers to narrow their choices as they scan the list of available plans. Precisely the sort of “user friendliness” that makes shopping efficient & pleasurable (sorry “pleasurable” is a stretch huh LOL) simply because it’s easier & quicker. Nice job don’t stop keep going keep up the great work!! From a reluctant fan who’s really starting to get excited (re-excited) about the ACA. This time it’s a winner I can feel it in my bones. Hats-off to the surge-team (actually the whole team)!! P.S. I read somewhere your new queuing system (also EXCELLENT!!) sends emails. If that’s true would it be possible to offer email or text message? People tend to answer texts quicker than emails (and it would be a shame to not see losing your spot in the queue). Just a thought not complaining your queuing system is terrific (far-better than enduring slow response times/errors).
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