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Submitted by MN on
Two months to figure out that social security numbers were not being included in applications. Wow. That's some cracker jack diagnositcs there. Let me clue you Julie and everyone else working on this site - if your top priority isn't making sure that people actually have their applications successfully processed by payers, which in turn results in people actually being insured, then you've failed. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter what your response time is if you can't complete the cycle. After 45 more minutes today with the 800 number, I'm still being told "you seem to be stuck in a loop, keep trying tomorrow." And, please stop having your call center perpetuate the myth that everyone has until Dec. 23 to sign up. The reality is applications have to be submitted to the payer, they have to process it, bill the customer/patient and recieve the payment by Dec. 23 for insurance to be effective on 1/1/2014. You are creating the impression that someone can logon for the first time, fill out the application and select a plan on 12/23 and expect to have health insurance in place on 1/1 - that's not true.
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