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Submitted by Will on
With all the dribs and drabs of good news at the site flowing out, I hope that the staff at HHS is sensitive to the fact that thousands of people are patiently waiting for updates on Identity Verification. Weeks turn into months as the 3-5 business day promises slip by the wayside. I sit frozen at the last step - electronic signature - because some person won't match either my uploaded documents or my physical copies sent to HHS in Kentucky. So I hope that either department staffing can be shifted to help the frozen-out masses, OR if this remains a slow fix, please give a public update on how long this particular problem is likely to persist. I appreciate that you have a big multi-faceted problem on your hands, but there really is no reason why in 2013 a person should have to wait 5+ weeks just to have a driver's license or passport photo confirmed by the people who issue these sorts of things. Thanks.
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