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Submitted by Glynis on
For the best user experience you need to use the current version of your browser with an up to date java plugin. Chrome browser is working the best probably because it has minimal features. If you use IE or Safari you should make sure you disable add-ons. Also, disable any ad or script blocking. It's always a good idea to clear your cookies, temporary internet files, and history so that data from a previous session stored on your computer doesn't interfere with your current session. Be very careful with the format of your answers and follow the examples they give exactly as they look. Also, don't add any decimals to any place they don't, like to hours worked, round up or down. And your name should be exactly as it appears on your Social Security card. If you have a freeze on your credit report you have to lift that in order for identity verification to work. For tips and tricks on how to complete the application and enroll in a plan and help troubleshooting the common problems being posted here, Google: "my obamacare success story: It was worth the wait!"
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