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Submitted by Marva on
I want to enroll . Went back in. It's says wait 24 Hrs . To get my exsisting application. It's been way over 24 hrs . But says same thing. They have my application and I have ID number and even chose plan I wanted . Then went to that stupid screen and want let me go any further . I need my plan activated and accepted so I can pay my 1st premium . Help! I need to pull up my application. To finish . Not that 24hr screen. It says I 've tried too many times to pull it up . Duh , I 'm trying to pull it up but IT WONT LET ME . This is ridiculous . I mean time I got cancellation from my Texas health pool . So I need insurance badly. And we shouldn't be penalized cause we can't get obamacare insurance cause we can't get in . Mr , president let it be .... Let us keep our ins. Like you said we could . We now know you lie, America rise up or we 're all screwed . Listen to us Obama , please !!!!!!!!
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