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Submitted by Lindsay on
I have started a spreadsheet which starts on 11/11/13 (the day I got my insurance coverage rate increase letter) to today with a total of 19 logons. I have input my family information in the site a total of 15 times and lost it every time and today the 20th of November I logged (3xs) on to try and received a blank page with just my name on the top. So if you fixed things over the weekend why is the page working less for me that it did previously. Also it does not work for the call-in reps at the Marketplace either. Just be honest with us. I would love to make it through the process and see what this plan has to offer. PS - I am a part-time worker and have not idea how normal full-time workers would have to the time to continually try to log on daily to this site. As I stated before I am willing to share this spreadsheet with any and all who want it, to prove that what we are hearing about the fixes are not true. Florida Resident.
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