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Submitted by Steve on
I tried to apply by web but that didn't work (web application still lists me three times!). I applied by phone first on 12 Oct and they said submitted and wait 2 weeks, it did not get processed. On 21 Oct they corrected many spelling errors in my name, my income and my wife, a green card holder, was called a citizen, it was submitted, they said it should be quick. Called on 24 Oct and they found some of the same spelling errors, re-corrected, filled in the now empty questions again and said it really was submitted now! When I called about the status on 11 Nov got the same explanation, they found another spelling error and resubmitted again and said it should be soon. Called on 17 Nov no change this time (improvement?). It is now 20 Nov no word. After trying for 6 weeks I don't expect they will answer until after January at the earliest and I'm certain it will be incorrect. Just too many problems.....
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