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Submitted by Denise on
Hopefully your advice helps most people. It doesn't help me, and I have several friends in the same boat as I am. HHS needs to understand this problem so they can fix it. I worked in a major software company for years, and there are bugs that need to be prioritized when there is no workaround, and just because your workaround has helped some, it hasn't helped all of us. Here is my situation:I needed to change the amount of income I reported on my original application. I had submitted the application but hadn't enrolled in a plan yet. Because the "report a life change" button is not functional yet, I tried to create 2 brand-new accounts, under different emails, usernames, etc. I did this on my own once, and with the assistance of phone support the second. Partway through the application process, an error page appeared with the words "error unmarshalling request." Clearing cookies, the cache, using a different browser did not solve the problem. The person on phone support was very sympathetic (and saw the exact same problem on her end, when she attempted to enroll for me on her computer) but said my only recourse was to send in an appeal, by mail, to HHS. I am a HUGE supporter of the ACA and the president--it's why I voted for him--but people like me have to have another way to get past this before the deadline. I read that they are thinking of giving insurers the power to enroll people and set subsidies. This cannot happen soon enough.
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