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Submitted by s on
I have had the exact same problem for WEEKS, I selected one paln but it wants me to select 2 or it will not let me proceed. I have even tried that but the buttons don't work to do that, so I have been stuck for weeks. I have contacted thru "live chat" and the help call line numerous times, I have been told it was elevated to advanced resolution and someone would contact me by phone withing 2-5 business days- 4 TIMES -no one has called EVER! I have been told to use the "report a life change" link to see if extra people were somehow added to my account, that the link would be working on Nov. 15, it is now Nov. 18th and it still is not working, but has a note saying it will be working on Nov. 15. I have tried different computers, difference browsers, and assistance. As of today, I have spent a full 46 hours on the website just trying to buy my plan, and as of today there is still no progress, no help, and no end in sight.
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