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Submitted by Denise on
When will "Report a Life Change" actually function? It's terrible to have a grayed-out button that does not work in ANY browser. I need to delete erroneous information and cannot. The people on the 800 line (including the "elevated" team) can't either, and they said they have no answer as to when we can edit or delete an application. Glynis, you have written over and over again that people can start over with a new application. You cannot do this if your application has already been submitted, because it is stored under your social security number, and even with a new password, username, and email (trust me, I've tried, and so did the "elevated" customer service people), you get kicked out if you try to make changes. The "report a life change" button should allow you to do this, but it is NONFUNCTIONAL and says it WILL be functional 11/15/2013. That was 3 days ago
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