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Submitted by Margaret on
a consumer with my help advanced quickly through the account creation and eligibility determination phase. he returned to his home, encountered difficulty in enrolling and returned for my help. he directed me to two eligibility notices in his inbox. both said more information was needed. we then logged him on at healthcare.gov the enrollment page was quite confusing. also, it had a notice with red background saying more information was needed. a more experienced navigator said oh that always comes up - disregard that. so we did. directions on enrollment page need to be enhanced. we needed to hit a button with green background saying set. there was no descriptors of procedure telling us to do that. but we did and he chose how he wanted to use his premium tax credit. (at that point the page should note that consumer may come back (without logging out) after he proceeds to shop. that delayed us as he wanted a certain amount to be refunded and hesitated to proceed as he did not know he could go back without losing data. eventually he enrolled but asked me to notify CMS especially about the glitch saying more information was needed. thank you
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